We just made Webhosting easier.

Simplified webhosting plans so its easier for you to get started. Our web hosting plans caters to a broad range of users to get all kinds of websites online.


Highlights and Special Options

Multi Region Datacenter

We operate servers out of multiple regions. You can opt for the region that you will like your account be hosted and enjoy faster access.

Weekly Backups

Weekly backup is taken of the server that you are hosted on for disaster recovery operation.

Free Data Migration

We provide you with free data migration from your web host provider to us! No headaches, no worries! We will handle the heavy lifting.

Free SSL Certificate

A Free SSL certificate is included for you to start getting your shared hosting website secured quickly.

Content Delivery Network

Your account can be enhanced by conecting to a CDN to speed up content delivery for your website. CDN can also protect your website from Denial of Service attack.

24/7 Support

Our technical support team are available round the clock to assist on your problems.

* Original retail price will apply upon next renewal.

Outgrown your Shared Web Hosting?

Check out the other solutions or talk to us about what you need.

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